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Mitch Matthews standind with his hands together in front of a grey background.
If you’re a Coach, Speaker, or Content Creator… you're
an Encourager!
That means you're working hard to make the world a better place.
We think you should be paid well for that effort.
we’re here to encourage & equip you to become the Well Paid Encourager
you deserve to be!
Let’s get more specific.
We serve 4 types of “Encouragers.”
Does one [or more] of these describe YOU?
Mitch Matthews standing with his hands together in front of a grey background smiling.
We do  Coach & Speaker Training  differently!

If you’re an Encourager… we want to help you make even more of an IMPACT on the world!

And… want to get YOU the real-world & proven business strategies (#nohype) you need to break out of that BOX… to become the Well PAID ENCOURAGER you deserve to be, as well as build a business you love!


[And do it faster than you thought possible!]

So… we’ll be offering training opportunities (virtual & live) throughout the year.

NOTE:  We know what you need because we live it every day!


The Coaching & Speaking worlds are constantly changing and evolving. Unlike a lot of other Coach & Speaker training organizations… Mitch (our founder) still coaches clients personally… every week. 


So, he stays connected to what works (and what doesn’t) and he and his team are quick to share THAT with YOU!


Be sure to join us for the  Encouraging the Encouragers podcast too!

And Click Here to get access to some free business-building tools! Plus, you’ll be the first to receive updates on new training opportunities.

Mitch Matthews smiling pointing both hands to the right in front of a grey background.

We’ve been helping Encouragers grow profitable and impactful businesses in the following areas since 2008:

Life Coaching • Business Coaching • Success Coaching • Speaking and Workshop Facilitation • Spiritual Coaching • Podcasting • Business Consulting • Career Coaching • Innovation Coaching • Branding Coaching • Coaching Military Retirees • and more


So… why do we want to 

ENCOURAGE  the Encouragers?


You might be asking, “Why are you so freeeegin’ passionate about “Encouraging the Encouragers?”  And that’s a fair question!


A few years ago… while hiking and praying in the Oregon mountains, Mitch was hit with the phrase “Encourage the Encouragers” and he felt the mandate to equip an army of coaches, speakers and content creators to build businesses they love… and help them to become the “WELL PAID Encouragers” they deserve to be!  


He came down out of the mountains and has been working on that mandate ever since!


Of course… there’s more to the story.  (Things like wanting to GIVE BACK too.)


But that’s a little of the backstory on WHY we do what we do! [Thanks for asking!]

Who is behind 
ENCOURAGING  the Encouragers?


is the founder of “Encouraging the Encouragers.”


Mitch Matthews went from a “bad-fit” job to being a “Well Paid Encourager.”




Before coaching… Mitch was in the pharmaceutical industry as a sales rep and then a training manager.  


In full transparency, Mitch’s journey in the corporate world was a good one until he got promoted into a “bad-fit” job and it started to slowly kill his soul.  It wasn’t a bad job… it was just a bad-fit and Mitch felt stuck.  He was in a box and every day he drove to work… it felt like a little part of him was dying. (Ever been there!?)

Mitch Matthews in a black jacket standing with his hands together smiling in front of a grey background.

Gratefully… Mitch found out about life coaching and speaking.


That’s when he invested in some expensive training and tried to launch a coaching and speaking business ON THE SIDE.


Sadly… the life-coach training he attended didn’t Include any business strategies or tools… so he floundered. Like… bad. Really bad. As in… he made EVERY mistake in the book! (Ever been there?)


But then he started to uncover a set of specific business-building strategies that changed everything.

The right tools make the difference: 


He’s wildly grateful to say that once he started to understand (what he now calls the “Six-Figure Sequence,”) Mitch was able to go from a Mentor… to a On-The-Side Encouragers (alongside that “bad-fit” job)… to then a Full-Time Encourager… all within 5 months!  


That’s right.  It took a lot of prayer, hard work and strategy… but he was able to leave that “bad-fit” job behind and launch a business he loves.

Since that time… Mitch is wildly blessed to say that he's been a six-figure Encourager ever since!  

And he’s loving it!


He's created events that have generated six-figures in corporate sponsorships and his DREAM THINK DO podcast is in the top 0.5% of podcasts worldwide!

Photo of Mitch looking out the window smiling with overlay text to promotoe The Dream. Think. Do. Podcast
Mitch standing in front of a crowd with a Dream. Think. Do. t-shirt on

Helping other Coaches & Speakers: 


In 2008, other coaches and speakers started to take notice of what Mitch was doing and asked if he’d train them on the business-side of being a WELL PAID ENCOURAGER. 

He’s wildly blessed to say that he’s gotten to help thousands through his live events, online training programs, masterminds and one-on-one coaching.

He’s especially excited and honored to help other Encouragers who’ve received coach training that didn’t include business training!  Mitch wants to help those coaches get up to speed quickly so they can impact the people they feel called to help AND make more income too!

Now, we’ve also added the Encouraging the Encouragers podcast!  Check out the short episodes… to keep you equipped and encouraged… daily!

Global rank for The Dream. Think. Do. Podcast which is in the top 0.5%
Mitch smiling in front of a grey background with the Encouraging the Encouragers logo overlayed along with apple podcasts, spotify, google podcasts, and iHeartRadio.

A little more about Mitch: 


Mitch grew up in Iowa, but has lived in England (twice), Montana, Chicago and then back to Iowa.  He married his college sweetheart and they’ve been living an adventure together for 30+ years! 

They have two wildly creative sons and they’re often on the road supporting and encouraging their sons’ creative and entrepreneurial endeavors!

If he’s not with his fam… or in his office… there’s a very good chance you’ll find him on a trail or getting some “introvert time” in his Jeep Wrangler with his pup, Hiro. (You’ll often hear Mitch record ETE episodes while on walks with Hiro or from his “mobile office.”

We also thought you should also know that Mitch is driven by a God-given passion to help people to fully live the lives they were created to live!  

Hence… he believes that  Encouraging the Encouragers mandate was Divinely inspired too!

Mitch with a jeep in the Utah Desert
Mitch smiling with his family in a home setting
Mitch and his dog Hiro in the winter



You should also know… Mitch is a proud introvert!


Plus, he's quick to point out that he’s built his global coaching and speaking business from a small city in the midwest. (Specifically… from his office above their 3-car garage! #introvertsparadise)


if he can… so can you! 


Seriously… if Mitch can do this… he truly believes you can too.  


Live where you WANT to and build a business that pays you well and serves the people you feel called to serve.  


You just need the right tools and the right encouragement!  


Let’s get you tools and the encouragement:  


So let’s help you to build a business you love and serve the people you feel called to help!


We believe you can do it… and with the right tools & encouragement… you’ll probably be able to do it a LOT faster than you thought possible.


So let’s get it done!

Lastly… Mitch believes in YOU!


And he believes that if you want to help people live their best lives and do all they were put on the planet to do… YOU deserve to be a WELL PAID ENCOURAGER too!  


So… let’s do this!

We Believe in giving back!


As you know by now, at “Encouraging the Encouragers” we help Mentors, On-The-Side Encouragers, Full-Time Encouragers and Legacy Encouragers!  


We want to acknowledge that some Mentors are helping people who are truly hurting and coming out of tough seasons.  


Many of these Mentors are wanting to take their skills to the next level but… since they’re not charging for their work… they might not have the funds to spend on training for themselves.


THAT’s where we want to help! 

So… for every 3 training products we sell… we will give one of our “Elite Mentor - Coach Training and Certification program” away for free!

That’s right! 


We’ll give this Elite Mentor program to someone who doesn’t want to build a business but they still want to help by mentoring others and do it with excellence! 


You might be using Mentoring skills to help kids, someone coming out of an abusive relationship or you might be Mentoring people at your church or in your community.  

3&1Encouraging the Encouragers logo

You get the picture. 


If this is YOU… we want to help!


NOTE: If we’ve spent much time together… you know that we believe there are times you should absolutely charge for your coaching. In fact… charging for the coaching often improves the coachee’s odds of achieving success because they’ve got a higher commitment due to having “skin in the game.” Right?


But for those folks who are Mentoring their communities and they have NO interest in building a business… we want to help you to take your mentoring skills to the next level!   

You can apply for our 3/1 Program by clicking here.

That’s right!  For every three coach training programs we sell… we will give one amazing Mentor with a heart to help… access to our Elite Mentor Training & Certification program for FREE.


So if you are someone like this… apply here.

On the Road Evergreens in the mountain with fog

Check Out Our Podcast!

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If you’d like to:

  • Ask a question or offer a suggested topic for Mitch to address on Encouraging the Encouragers

  • Find out about our upcoming virtual & live training opportunities

  • Find out more about working with Mitch (or our team) one-on-one…

send us a message and we’ll get right back to you!  And hey... stay encouraged!

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